I just bought tincture of acdc cannibis, for my spinal stenosis and other cronic pain. When should I take it?

Since tinctures start to take effect in 20 -30 minutes, I would plan your dosing accordingly. I must mention however that is you have spinal stenosis, no amount of cannabis will help the actual bone growth or compression and nerve impingement that results from the stenosis. It will however help you with the pain that you are experiencing because of it.

Perry Solomon, MD

I use CBD tincture( not oil) under my tongue for my chronic pain. I struggle with fibromyalgia, knee pain, and back pain. I have weaned myself off of the Norco to just 1-2 a week by using the tincture. I use Sisters of the Valley tincture. I started with 1/2 oz. just to see if it would work. Progressed to 1 oz. & now I’m buying 2 oz. Their product works for me. I also use salve for my muscle pain as well.


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