I just came down with a bad cold last night, is taking pure CBD a good idea?

"I have a 10mg pure CBD Mary’s Medicinals patch but don’t want to inhibit the immune system from doing its job."

To be honest with you, I don’t think taking 10 mg of pure CBD is going to impact the beginning of a bad cold but it’s always a good idea to take CBD to stop inflammation and to keep you calm.
If you really want relief for your cold, I encourage you to always keep Cold Calm, a Boiron supplement around so that you can start it immediately when the cold begins because 72 hours later is too late. Typically Cold Calm will stop the cold virus immediately from continuing to replicate. You could also be nutritionally deficient and vitamin D because most people who supplement with vitamin D finds that they have greatly reduced viral infections like colds and flu.
Cannabis is a great medicine and CBDs do stop the inflammationBut I don’t think that it works instantaneous nor specific for a cold virus but maybe one of our other doctors has another opinion to share.


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