I live in Madison, WI and live with daily pain from an auto accident

"in which I lost my right leg below the knee, fractured both my right and left femurs, left tibia, right elbow and C1/C2 fracture. I have rods/pins in both femurs, left tibia and right elbow and plate and pins in right arm. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take pain medication and maintain a career and Medical Marijuana is not legal. I would like to just live pain free for once and am interested to see if the Salve and tinctures would help me. Can anyone help me?"

As you undoubtedly know, relieving chronic pain is a different problem from relieving acute pain. Reducing the discomfort of chronic pain also involves changing the way our minds and emotions respond to the pain signals in our nervous system. Cannabis has proven helpful for this issue, although we are still in the ‘folk-medicine’ stage. About salves: half my patients tell me that topicals like salves have been enormously beneficial for their symptoms, and half report little or no benefit. On the other hand, I’m aware of no reports of adverse effects with topicals like salves or lotions so I’d try them freely on painful areas to see if local absorption gives local benefits. Tinctures are more likely to be helpful for widespread chronic pain. There is much you can learn about how to use medical cannabis but you will likely find much benefit there.


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