I lost my voice out of the blue, can vaping or a pipe cause this?

"I just started medically smoking and vaping about two weeks ago. Two days ago my voice almost vanished and has been mainly gone since. Can either one of these cause this to happen to my voice? If so what can I do to help it?"

Hey there! I have not yet encountered that in my cannabis career, nor have I heard of anyone losing their voice from cannabis consumption. I do notice that my immune system is always a little funky during the season changes. In the meantime, it couldn’t hurt to try using edibles instead to give your throat a rest. I would start with a 5MG dose, and wait 1-2 hours before ingesting more. The key of starting small and working your way up is to be able to "find your number", so you have better understanding on what you’ll need to medicate in the future! Happy healing!


Yes vaping can cause throat problems. I’ve had similar issues, it all depends on the heat of the vape pen and the quality of the cartridge you are using. Also which extraction method was used to get the oil. I’ve tried some that tasted like butane and others that were just fine. Never lost my voice but definitely had sore throats and voice sounding like an old cigarette smoker


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