I need a strain I can consumer during the day, but still be highly functional. Would this be a good fit?

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant strain that is considered "clear-headed". It is not usually sedating. It has a relatively high concentration of THC and many users consider it stimulating. It can be somewhat over-stimulating for individuals sensitive to high levels of THC and Sativa strains. The strain shares genetics with old-world strains (Skin #1, Haze and Northern Lights)

There are many hybrids of Jack Herer available in the medicinal cannabis market which can be effective and better tolerated for those who are sensitive.

As with any new use of cannabis, I recommend you try a small dose when you do not have the pressure of being somewhere or performing a complex task. This will allow you to take the time to assess the impact of the specific strain and dose on your symptoms and cognition to determine if it is effective without impairment.


Sativa strains, like Jack Herer, are well known as functional herbs. The genetics of this flower tends to enable most users to go about their daily business while still being medicated. “Couch-lock” is not an issue, since the head high of sativa strains is much less heavy than that of its Indica counterparts.


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