I need help, dropping one solution for the other and it is making me even more depressed.

"I take a hybrid cbd oil Hart-Tsu for my panic attack and depression.I dropped it after talking to the doctor and started back on Char Web. I feel miserable .I had a horrible panic attack in my sleep couple nights ago and I am so depressed and just Want to run to a doctor for help. I cant keep feeling this Way it hurts so much. I just Want to know if I’m going about the right path, I am a stay at home dad and hate to be this ball of mush around my son. please help"

If you are being treated by a physician for your condition, it is important that you consult them if you are considering changing or decreasing your medication dosing. You should also explain what you are currently experiencing with your treatment to help arrive at a better solution.

If you are considering cannabis as a treatment for depression, many patients have found benefit with medical marijuana either as mono-therapy or as a supplemental therapy to traditional medications. In general, sativa strains tend to be uplifting and energizing and may improve mood.

With any mood disorder, therapy with a psychologist, either alone or in a group, may be helpful.


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