I need recommendations for a push-button battery for vape cartridges. Thanks!

Almost all so called vape pens are made in China and are not true vaporizers but they do some vaporizing but may also create some smoke. Are they made with medical grade materials? I doubt it. The real problem can be in the cartridges. Not all companies use safe, non toxic extraction methods. If the cartridge says 500 mg what that means is there is 500 mg of oil and when reading ingredients if it is 300 mg of THC what is the other 200 mg? Don’t assume all cartridges are safe or that all companies are ethical. Read this from Project CBD


We carry a great vape pen that our customers regularly rave about. In fact, the pen doesn’t even have a button on it all you have to do is inhale. Additionally, it comes with a convenient usb charger that allows you to plug it into an appropriate power charger or even directly into your computer. You can find this pen along with all of our other products on our 100% organic and vegan menu here: https://greendoorwest.com/collections.


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