I need recommendations for fibromyalgia and neck pain as well as anxiety.

"I’m sensitive to supplements and medications so would love to know where to begin. I don’t want to get paranoid or cause more anxiety. When I tried CBD oil capsules from my health food store I got agitated and it didn’t help with pain. Thank you"

CBD reacts with THC to create the desired effect. What was the ratio of CBD you tried in your capsules? I would recommend that you try some additional products and combinations to see how you react.

If you are sensitive to THC, try a high CBD tincture – something like 18:1 by Care By Design. If that does not get you anxious, but does not help with the fibromyalgia either, then try increasing the ratio of THC, or the overall dosage. For example move to a 8 : 1 ratio, and try a small amount.

It’s often a case of experimenting with different products and combinations that will ultimately work, because everyone reacts differently to cannabis.


I second 18:1 by Care by Design. Add a topical neck balm as well and see how the combination works. The high CBD ratio means you get pain relief without the side effects of THC. Although some THC does work synergistically to enhance the overall effect, as Mark mentioned.


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