I prefer to use a vape pen but need to know which oils are best for Restless Leg Syndrome.

"Or is there something else to help with RLS"

I’m going to start this off by saying I’m not a doctor, and you should always check with your healthcare professional before starting any health regimen.

That said, I’d recommend a higher THC:CBD ratio strain – maybe something like Original Blueberry. RLS is a neurological condition and acts somewhat counterintuitively, so as you try to chill, your symptoms act up.

Since you are looking for it in vape form, you can find it here: https://sessionscc.com/shop/kure-botanicals-kurvana-originals-cartridge/

I haven’t found any definitive cause of RLS in my review of literature, but those who have studied these things attribute RLS to a malfunction of a gland in your brain that produces dopamine, or the chemical in your brain that causes happiness.

So, hypothetically, what you want to look for is something that increases dopamine. Interestingly, your body uses endocannabinoids to regulate dopamine, so it stands to reason that cannabinoids found in cannabis (like THC), which block GABA (the thing that reduces or regulates dopamine in your brain) would then allow more dopamine into your brain.

So again, not a doctor and would love to hear anyone else’s opinion on this…

Nick DeJesus

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