I purchased the 1:1 Moxie Meds and I am very THC sensitive. What is a good dosage to start with?

"I would like to use the Moxie Meds tincture for pain relief but I am wondering what dose to start with which could be the smallest, while still being effective. I do not want to feel high and I am extremely sensitive to THC."

Thank you for your question! There are a couple ways to approach your dosing for pain relief needs in this case. As you are THC sensitive and not interested in experiencing psychoactive effects, I would recommend starting with just one drop under your tongue. I would wait a full 20-30 minutes before increasing your dose, although you are likely to feel the Relief 1:1 more quickly, just to be sure you are truly in need of and ready for an increased dose. This low dose may be all that you need to get pain relief, or it may be that you need more – if that’s the case, I would very slowly increase the dose to your comfort. If you did find you experienced some unwanted psychoactivity even at this low dose, you may want to consider using the Recovery 4:1 to build your tolerance up a bit over time. While Relief 1:1 provides the most pain relief and strongest analgesic effects for most patients, you may have to slowly build up your tolerance a bit for that to be a comfortable medication choice. On the other hand, you may also find that the combined inflammation reduction and pain relief of the Recovery 4:1 is all you need.


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