I recently had knee surgery. Any product suggestions for pain?

"6 days ago, I had knee surgery and the Dilaudid, ibuprofen, and arnica tincture just are not cutting through the pain and allowing me to sleep. I have CBD 18% (0% THC) spray, but it is not helping with pain much. I do not want any edible or smoking or vaping products but would like to use cannabis to help relieve post surgery neurological (nerve) pain from the stitches, incisions and other invasive procedures. Any suggestions appreciated."

You may benefit from a combination of products. If you have not tried topical cannabis salves or creams, I encourage you to investigate what you local dispensary carries. There are some very effective topical products on the market of varying ratios of THC(A) to CBD(A)* with and without other terpenes and essential oils. Many terpenes and cannabinoids are analgesic in addition to THC and CBD and are often included in topical applications.

*(Topical applications of cannabis are usually made with the "acid" form of cannabinoids, which means they have not been subjected to heat that converts THCA to THC).

Starting with an inhaled, sublingual or edible product, that has a relatively balanced ratio of CBD to THC gives you the benefit of the therapeutics from both chemicals but; removes the risk of significant cognitive disruption.

CBD tends to inhibit the cognitive effects of THC, but not the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. CBD also helps with muscle spasms, vascular flow, and has been shown to stimulate bone remodeling in lab studies.

The duration of benefit from any product depends on how it is delivered to the body.
Inhaled – effects about 2-4 hours
Sublingual – effects about 4-6 hours
Edibles – effects up to 8 hours


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