I smoke cigarettes. Would switching to smoking marijuana be healthier?

"I’m a 26 year old woman and I’ve smoked for the last 10 years. I want to quit, and I’m hoping that transitioning to smoking marijuana might help me give up cigarettes, and ultimately be healthier for me. Any advice you could give would be great!"

You did not mention how many cigarettes you smoke per day. Cannabis can be used to ease the symptoms associated with withdrawal so if you are planning to stop smoking, using a balanced cannabis tincture can mitigate some of that. Although I know of no clinical studies using cannabis to offset the withdrawal symptoms caused by nicotine cessation, cannabis has been shown in animal studies to extinguish opiate-seeking behavior in opiate-addicted mice. While there is not an associated increased risk of developing lung cancer with smoking cannabis, as there is with tobacco, there is an increased risk of developing testicular cancer in young males who are heavy cannabis smokers. Smoking cannabis is the least healthiest way of using it. Vaporizing delivers the medicine just as rapidly as smoking but without exposure to tars and other products of combustion that are carcinogenic. Other cancer risks associated with smoking cannabis have not been well studied. If tobacco is being used to calm anxiety, relieve stress, and/or suppress appetite, then dosing with a high CBD variety may indeed be healthier, if used in moderation. The endocannabinoid system is a system within the body whose purpose is thought to be to promote homeostasis. Just like almost everything, using cannabis in excess of what is needed to promote balance is not healthy. Using just enough cannabis to achieve mental relaxation and relieve stress is a lot healthier than smoking tobacco.


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