I started taking a cbd 20:1 tincture for anxiety and depression.

"I’m not noticing any difference, it’s been 2 weeks. I take several drops several times a day. The drops seem like such a tiny amount. I want to feel uplifted, should I try a higher thc/cbd ratio? I’m new to this and really have a lot to learn"

Well my first question is, are you taking enough of the CBD? Usually when it is a tincture and it says 20:1, usually the dosage is a larger dose than just a couple drops so please look on your bottle, maybe you’re supposed to be taking a teaspoon, I don’t know what your bottle says. Most tinctures also encourage you to increase your dosage every 2 to 3 days until you obtain the desired effect. You could try a lower dose of CBD with a higher ratio of THC if you feel that’s what you need, your gut instinct could be correct.
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