I suffer from extreme insomnia and schizoaffective dissorder, what CBD products are good for these conditions

"strengths do I go for, right now I live in a state that cannabis is illegal, I have been using some very strong flower, but this gets very expensive driving back and forth to a state that I can buy. I need help!"

If you are using cannabis but you live in a state where cannabis use is illegal, you should move since it is also illegal to transport cannabis across state lines. The super high CBD/low THC is legal in all 50 states so you could acquire the high CBD cannabis as long as it is super low in THC and classified as hemp since this formulation would likely give you relief from your symptoms. You will need to take the high CBD cannabis for about 3 weeks before you can feel the benefits although the cannabis will be working for you.
In the meantime, consider having your genetic chart done since you may have a neurotransmitter problem that predisposes you to have the symptoms you are having.
Consider reading Dr Amy Yasko’s book, ‘Feel Good’, available on Amazon for $15.
When you are feeling better and more stable, join the people in your state fighting for legal cannabis or consider moving to a legal state because it may be a while before cannabis is legal in all 50 states.


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