I suffer from severe menstrual cramps. What type of marijuana products could I use to get relief?

You might want to try Foria. https://foriapleasure.com/

They have a product which has become very popular recently for exactly that condition.


Cannabis has been used for the relief of menstrual cramps for thousands of years. In the early 1900s doctors were still prescribing tinctures to patients for menstrual pain. Due to the federal regulation on cannabis, there have been very few scientific studies on this but anecdotal evidence points that many women seem to find relief from cannabis.

For pain relief you could smoke flower and this really depends on whether you want to have something more energetic to deal with the pain, in which case you might choose a sativa strain or if you want to have something more grounding, in which case you might choose an indica strain. My preference is to vape a very high CBD strain called ACDC or smoke a pre roll of Canna-tsu. CBD is an analgesic and an anti inflammatory and whole body feels inflammation during this time. Also, the benefit for me is the relaxation I feel without being stoned.

Another popular way to get relief is to use a topical. Last night I used HerbaBuena’s topical rub on my lower back and it really helped with that tight uncomfortable feeling. Topicals can also be used on the tummy and the breasts.

There are still some other ways to find pain relief. There is a new vaginal suppository called Relief by Foria. They sell this product in California and Colorado. I love it. It’s a whopping 60mg of THC, but you do not feel head high, but your whole body relaxes. You can also use tinctures, my preference is to find CBD dominant but there are all sorts of varieties. A good dispensary should have a variety of tinctures available. Hope this helps!


Menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea is typically resolved fairly easily by using CBD cannabis. CBD Cannabis maybe done in a vape pen for general all over pain and anxiety relief but it may also be done as a suppository you insert in the vagina the night before you expect your cramps for a good night sleep and pain relief. The CBD topical salve at 2:1 Ratio is excellent for pain relief especially if applied to the low back and above the pubic bone and this treatment will not make you high, so you can use the topical salve and even given the car and drive, you can not do that with high THC because of the psychoactive effect.
Try these techniques, I think you’ll be happy you did because cramps are a good thing to be rid of!


Cannabis is the only solution that has provided the relief and flexibility I need to manage painful menstrual cramps. Things that have helped me:

*Taking a portion of a 1:1 cbd edible an hour before bedtime in the 1-2 days leading up to my period. That gets the CBD in the system and starts relaxing the muscles, and I found half a piece of Bhang Chocolates CBD Caramel does the trick.

*CBD tincture during the daytime once my period has started. Moxie Meds has worked well for me.

*Indica flower or vape when I’m at home helps ward off the nausea and pain quickly, and when I’m winding down at night it’s all about a high-CBD edible so that the pain is in the background and I can sleep the entire night. Having a heating pad and setting things up at home to be a relaxing environment overall is also key.


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