I suffer from vertigo. Can you recommend a strain that would be effective for my dizziness and nausea?

I would try a high CBD whole plant extract that can be used as a sublingual tincture, with a ratio of CBD to THC of around 20 to 1. You may also want to experiement with vaporization of High CBD as well.


An edible or flower high in CBD such as harlequin will be your best bet. CBD gives off the relaxing and medical effects of marijuana without the psychoactive ‘side effect’.


I was diagnoised with vertigo a couple days ago and I Love HindI kush helps so much with the anxiety and nausea with barely any lightheadedness. If you get really nauseous I like platinum kush. I’m very big on indicas. If you go on leaffly.com they break down each strain and ranks side effects like dizz and how much it helps with stress, na, etc.


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