I’ve been taking CBD for 4 weeks, I have been experiencing weight gain and hot flashes.


The most common side effects associated to medicinal cannabis include:
changes in memory and or concentration
sensory changes, including decreased balance and
slower than expected reaction times
dry mouth
rapid heart beat
a rise in blood pressure
Given the new onset of weight gain and hot flashes I suggest that you consult with your primary care provider to identify the cause of these symptoms. Cannabis is known to stimulate appetite and may therefore promote weight gain. The symptoms of hot flashes and weight gain are commonly attributed to menopausal symptoms.

Wendy NP

No known side effects of using CBD only products include hot flushes and weight gain. However, based on a fact that CB1 receptor -mediated modulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis results in the suppression of various hormons (i.e luteinizing hormon , TSH, growth hormon, FSH and prolactin), use of CBD products may potentially cause individual response manifested by "menopausal" symptoms.

Bella K. NP-PHC


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