I wake up every morning with a headache and nausea

"I have found putting a dab of Sweet ReLeaf balm under my nostrils helps. Is it safe to also put some on my lips? Thank you."

I am glad to hear you say a dab under your nostrils helps. I’m assuming it helps with the nausea? One of our patients told me her head ached so badly that she was nauseous to the point of vomiting and she did the same thing, rubbed it under her nose and also on her temples and it calmed the nausea down right away and also helped her headache. I’ve had others tell me they rub it on their shoulders to lessen or even avoid a migraine altogether by loosening up tense shoulder muscles. I do believe its safe to put on your lips although because there are essential oils in the formula, you should do this with caution particularly if you are very sensitive as it could feel hot on sensitive areas like the lips. I just tried it on my lips and it actually feels pretty good!


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