I want to get off Prozac, but I can't smoke or apparently eat edibles, suggestions?

"Figured I should elaborate: Smoking- never done it and the smoke from this gives me a migraine. Same with edibles, had a friend make me chocolate chip cookies, and a single crumb gave me a migraine from the smell/taste. I would very much LOVE to get off of Prozac, as I do not see it helping with my anxiety issues, nor is it helping much with my depression. Mostly it makes me an emotional zombie. I can smile and laugh, but depth of emotions aren’t there. I’ve heard Cannabis or just some property of this could help I just don’t know what my options are? (I’ve been on Prozac for nearly 4 years, and am now at a 40mg dose. Tried going off of it on my own and that was disastrous.)"

Sameee, I’m tryna get off prozac too, & that sucks to hear the smoke & smell gives you migraines. :'( I have chronic migraines & hoping the dispensary can help with that. But I hope you get the answer you’re hoping for dude


Have you tried Medical Grade cannabis products from a dispensary?

There are products such as THC/CBD Distillate that are odorless and tasteless, also Terpenes in addition to the THC/CBD distilate can greatly increase the effects.

Certain strains have cannabinoids/terpenes that help with depression, anxiety and other ailments.

Here is a link from leafly that shows what strains can help with some of the items you mentioned in your post.


If you would like to find out more about how to get these kinds of products please let us know and we can help you locate a dispensary near you that might have some.

If you also need your medical recommendation please visit this link to our partnership site with Hellomd to save $10



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