I was just diagnosed with type II diabetes.

"I want to radically change my diet, lose some weight and get off these meds. Would marijuana be a good alternative to beer and wine for diabetics? "

Are you overweight?
There are some things you can start immediately and you likely will reverse the Diabetes…..
Consider getting your Vitamin D test, a 25-OH D serum level to see where your vitamin D3 level is….
How are your kidneys? If you have lowered kidney function then you want to measure how well your body processes vitamin D.
If your blood level of 25-OH D is less than 50 ng/ml, you must take supplements to pick up the level since Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin & essential in healing diabetes.
Some of us have a VDR snp in the genetic chart and that will make a person predisposed to
Vitamin D deficiency as well as diabetes and that can be tested.
High CBD with low THC may help maintain healthy pancreatic function and the reduce insulin resistance as well as protecting against the complications of diabetes but further tests do need to be conducted since we do not know if the CBD is more effective than CBDV or THCV.
Get your weight down as soon as possible with organic pea protein, stop all simple sugars, increase your water intake, walk for 1 hour per day 6 days per week, keep healthy sleeping hours, chew your food well, never eat to the point of being full but satiate your hunger an only drink water till you are at your ideal weight and you likely will cure your diabetes.


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