I was prescribed a high cbd/ low thc drops. I purchased Hemp Plus CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil. Is this correct?

No, that doesn’t contain any THC. And I don’t believe it even has CBD in it. You need to find what they call a tincture, and it will have a ratio of thc to CBD right on the from of the bottle.


CannaBear is correct, you need to find out how much CBD and how much THC is in a product. It should be listed on the label in mg/ml. Find a tincture that is made from a cannabis strain that is high in CBD and low in THC. Beware of products that do not list their ingredients or mg/ml of cannabinoids on the label. Industrial hemp does have some CBD but is not the best source and industrial hemp also may contain contaminants…can they show testing results for their products? Just some things to think about….


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