I was told that 15mg cbd twice a day is standard therapy for cysts. Should I add THC and if so how much?

I am very surprised you would have been told that any dose of cannabis is ‘standard therapy’ since I do not believe any clinical trials have been conducted to determine any ‘standard therapy’ for cysts. There are many kinds of cysts that can form in the body so is the cyst in the thyroid, liver, kidney, ovary, muscle or where is the cyst located since that would give an indication as to the severity of the cyst. Cysts maybe present because of a parasite, an infection, a foreign body tissue reaction or even cancer and all of these would be treated differently. It is true that CBDs do tend to stop inflammation but you would not want to treat a cyst without knowing what kind of cyst it is and how it should be treated. I do agree with treating a cyst with CBD but please, do have the cyst diagnosed and at least listen to the doctor’s recommendations, you can always ‘sleep on it’ and make your decision.
When I had a large ovarian cyst that proved to be cancer, I was taking 100mg of CBD every night and it did keep the cancer from spreading but it did not stop the cyst from growing and it was huge when I had the cancer removed and the cancer cells appeared to be dying but we do not have the studies needed to prove that cannabis is enough and Western medical care is still recommended. I should live because of the combination care that I received and Cannabis was a vital part of my care and I am a strong cannabis believer but I would never have trusted cannabis alone to save my life with such an aggressive cancer. Please, be wise about your use of cannabis and do consider seeking a Western medical diagnosis with a doctor you trust.


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