I will soon be taking Plaquenil for lupus. Will CBD interfere (cytochrome P450)?

"I already use a low dosage of high CBD/low THC tincture with current meds (antidepressant & anxiolytic) with no problems. Thank you."

Thank you for your question. CBD interacts with Cytochrome 450 like many other drugs metabolized by this enzyme. The extent to which CBD interacts with other drugs also interacting with cytochrome 450 really depends on how much CBD is injested and the individual qualities of the person taking the medication. If the dosage of CBD is low enough, there shouldn’t be any interaction. The cut off dosage is up for debate though where some studies found no interaction at 40mg of CBD and others at 25mg of CBD. I’ve posted a link for your reading pleasure.


The information in this post is not a result of a comprehensive search of all the evidence. This information is purely an initial foundation to your continued research on the topic.


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