I would like to start using cannabis, but I worry that it will make me anxious or depressed?

"I have read much online about how cannabis product can induce anxiety. Is this true? My main reason for wanting to try it is to help with my anxiety. "

Some individuals are more sensitive to strain types or higher levels of THC and report increases in anxiety with use of specific products. However, other strain types or products provide significant relief for the same individuals. I encourage you to learn a bit about cannabinoid and terpene profiles to choose the strain types that are likely to be more suitable for you.

If you are concerned about increased anxiety, I would suggest you start with a lower concentration of THC or a more balanced product that has a ratio of CBD to THC approaching 1:1.

Try cannabis in a safe environment and give yourself time to appreciate the effects. Start with a small amount and wait for 30 to 60 minutes to assess the initial affects. I encourage my patients to keep a journal of the strains and products they use, as well as comments on the effects over time to determine the best self treatment.

Note: If your anxiety originates from the concern about using cannabis as a medication, it may impair the benefit, as you will be pre-occupied by that concern. Be sure you feel confident in your decision to try cannabis and know that the risk of toxicity is extremely low as long as the product is grown and processed under proper conditions. Learn more about what makes cannabis safe and always make sure your dispensary is offering lab tested products.

May I suggest the Book: Cannabis Pharmacy by Michael Backes. It is a very good basic reference for patients regarding use of cannabis.


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