If I have been diagnosed with ADHD and use cannabis regularly, could this be contributing to my problem?

"I have been consuming marijuana for many years several times a week. I believe it actually helps my ADHD as well as my anxiety, but I am beginning to wonder if it may be contributing to my problem. I have avoided more traditional pharmaceuticals. I would love to hear a doctor’s input."

The answer is yes. Several research studies have demonstrated a negative effect of cannabis on learning and memory, attention, concentration, and abstract reasoning. The effects of THC on neurodeveolment appears to be dose related and may be greater when exposure is initiated in adolescence. It is unclear as to the long term consequences are in terms of chronicity and reversibility. One must keep in mind that anxiety, stress, and depression can adversely affect a persons ability to attend and that when these conditions improve, so does ones ability to focus. While many patients report an improvement in their ability to focus when using cannabis, we cannot say that this isn’t due to cannabis’ ability to decrease stress and anxiety and elevate mood. I am not aware of studies showing that cannabis treats ADHD per se. To the contrary, I have seen a number of adult patients with ADHD diagnosed in childhood who have not found cannabis to be effective in treating their distractibility though it has helped alleviate anxiety or pain. While you do not mention your age, how long you have been using cannabis, or how much, I would suggest abstaining for a period of time while journaling your ability or inability to focus, attend, and stay on task. It will be clear to you if your symptoms improve or not.


I agree with Dr Frye and also wonder about your age. Many children were diagnosed with ADHD and placed on drugs but now we have studies that if children are allowed to learn in the woods with activity all day, the kids are happy, creative, intelligent, secure and there is not a single child with ADHD but that is in another country where they may not be administering the massive number of immunizations we assault children with from birth. Then children are drugged if they can’t sit still at 5 or 6 years old but that is punishing a child for being a child and needing activity throughout the day. Then when the child is an adult they are moved on to Adderall! So now I have a child whose reached adulthood and they haven’t been allowed to go through the process of exploring who they are and they have just been told they are defective and drugged.
Ideally, the cause of the anxiety should be treated with detoxification, nutritional balancing, high CBD, low THC cannabis and training to stay in present moment.
I have delivered babies for 45 years and I have yet to deliver and anxious newborn, they are naked, happy little babies but then their family proceeds to give them ugly overcoats of worry and fear. That child does not know they should not wear the overcoat, that it is not theirs, the child wears the overcoat because it was given to him and anxiety and fear are well learned from the family members.
Your body may be resisting being drugged because the real you is trying to evolve. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we came here to do work to help each other. Find your mission in life and stay on your path, This CBD cannabis will help you with neurological stability along with vitamin D and possibly other nutritional supplements to make your genetic chart work right.
It is an exciting time in your life if you’re waking up to you, have fun exploring who you are but look at everything with new eyes and drop the judgment of your past because it probably is not serving you well anymore and you can actually look at the bright story. For every dark side there is a light side, Your job maybe to find that light side in your past story and share your experiences.
Sativa cannabis with it’s high THC level, is contraindicated in ADHD. You are the only one who knows how your body responds to cannabis and you must listen to the internal communication so you can find that calm spot in your yourself.


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