If I smoke marijuana does it matter how long I hold the inhale? Will I get more high if I hold it in longer?

"I am wondering about this. For instance if I hold an inhale for 29 seconds versus 5 seconds, is that one puff much more potent? If so, I am guessing this would alter how I choose to inhale my marijuana. "

Actually, it does appear that taking much smaller puffs more frequently and not holding your inhale excessively is supposed to work more effectively then taking a larger puff and holding it longer. Taking a larger puff and holding at longer may actually contribute to some of the long-term evidence of loss of recoil in lung tissue. It is best to never encourage lung disease by inhaling and holding your breath too long. Micro dosing your cannabis is supposed to be the best way to absorb and utilize the Cannabis without wasting your medicine. Maybe an experiment is in order to see how you respond.


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