If using CBD pills (Care by Design 18:1) to treat potenial seizures, what is the daily dosage?

"My mother, the patient, is the in hospital for possible seizures but they’re still not sure if it is indeed seizures. They may be sending her home on seizure pills that she does not need. I want to put her on CBD oil that can help if these are seizures…and can also help her in other ways (anxiety, depression etc)"

Did you see the movies, "Weed, Weed II, and Weed III"? These are three CNN documentaries you can watch on YouTube about using CBD for seizures in children. I love care bye designs products but I think when you’re treating seizures you need a more exact dosing technique. I would not hesitate to recommend Jayden’s Juice because it comes in a bottle with a measured dropper and you should keep records as to how much is used and the response obtained at each dosage.
Of course you must have an interview with a physician or NP and with your mother present to obtain a card for her to legally use CBD’s and you could be a caretaker for your mother but you must also be present for the interview.


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