I'm about to have surgery which will leave a nasty scar. Can a topical reduce the visibility of scar tissue?

"I know there are some creams on the market for scar tissue, but I’m wondering if a topical will help reduce the viability more quickly or even help in the healing. Would taking an internal product help?"

In general, I don’t think you can rely on cannabis salve alone. It’s what’s combined WITH the salve that will create awesome healing. I have been a practicing certified Aromatherapist for 12 years and I specialize in making skin care products both mainstream and in canna industry. I recommend anything topical with real authentic lavender. Lavender has a property which is called "cicatrizant" meaning "creates scab" in french. Consider using a hot compress on your wound by dunking a wash cloth in warm/hot distilled (sterile) water the size of a medium sauce pan, with about 20 drops of Lavender in it. Add equal amounts of Tea Tree too for antiseptic properties. And do this twice a day. Once you have a healthy (non-weezing) scab you can start using a topical to treat which has cannabis and should also include authentic Lavender essential oil. If you are in the Bay Area of CA, then I recommend finding Bud Barber Topical Treatment/Lotion.


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