I'm looking for a cbd indica flower and no one seems to carry this near me.

IMHO, I think the sativa/ indica distinction is no longer that useful (except to botanists) given the amount of selective breeding & genetic hybridization that has been performed over the years. There’s a couple of ways we can go address your issue. The first is to buy a flower that has a higher CBD content, whether it’s a sativa, indica, or hybrid & then pick another flower that has a similar cannabinoid profile to the indica’s you’ve tried in the past (i.e. THC, CBN, and other cannabinoids). You can "mix" the two up when you use a grinder &/or when you smoke or vaporize the flower. Another method is to experiment with various flowers individually and take note of the cannabinoid profile of each strain(i.e. CBD/THC ratio) and try to recreate or match that cannabinoid profile with various products (i.e. flowers, oil cartridge for the vape-pen, tinctures) that the budtender at the dispensary are familiar with. I hope this helps.


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