I'm looking for a source for vaginal suppository in Michigan or a recipe . I do have my card.

From what I know Foria is the only company that offers vaginal/rectal suppositories. They sell their products Relief and Explore in both California and Colorado. They are not available in Michigan. Suppositories for cannabis are relatively new to the market and often not seen as the norm. In terms of recipes, you would need to google that I guess! The nice thing about a suppository is that even with higher levels of THC it does not create a head high, rather body relaxation, especially (for me and anecdotally others…) for the low back and stomach region, where cramping for women often occurs.

I am not a doctor and this post represents my opinion and research only. I hope this helps!


Talk to the budtenders at Bloom Dispensary in Ann Arbor. They have recipes they can give you for DIY suppositories if they don’t have any to sell.


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