I'm new to vaping, what should I know? What to look for in a vape pen?

"I’m hoping this will help me manage my anxiety and depression. "

Hey! Welcome aboard. I recently began vaping within the last two years and there is definitely a lot to learn! What I look for in a pen is something simple, clean, and easy to use. Some features can include temperature control, button activation, breathe activation, and even some that track your usage!

To start, simplicity is key. I personally enjoy our batteries (biased) for a few reasons. The breathe activation is extremely simple with no buttons to press. Second, we’ll replace it for life if you have any issues at all!

Now for the most important part – what strains to use for anxiety/depression?

Here are a few very helpful resources:


Please feel free to continue this conversation with me personally at evan@bloom.farm.


If you’re vaping extracts (rather than flowers), the bloom farms highlighter is cool because it uses CO2 oil. Other pens use butane extracts or glycerin oils, which have been shown not to be very good for the body. All vape pens use some kind of chemical binders to make the extract vaporize easily. The binders in the highlighter vape pen are very safe and are designed to vaporize at a low temperature so they don’t transform into more harmful compounds. Plus, the cartridge itself is made of resilient materials, ones that won’t degrade during heating. For anxiety and depression, I’ve found that a mixture of CBD and other more psychoactive cannabinoids is helpful. However, be aware that using cannabis for depression and anxiety requires a balance. Remember to also fill your life with exercise, interesting experiences, and healthy practices. Don’t rely on cannabis too much; let it infuse your life and activities with energy. Use it to find beauty in the world, but remember that the beauty is always there, regardless of the cannabinoids. If you end up using it all the time to feel good, it can make things worse, and you’ll need to clean up. Otherwise, cannabis is a great medicine for your mind. Use it wisely, and limit your dosage. I’m sure you already knew all that, but I think it’s worth repeating.


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