I'm on Tamoxifen which causes intense hot flashes & insomnia. What do you recommend to combat these?

I am so sorry to hear of your suffering but try to dress cool, and take Indica with CBN for sleep at night. Then consider reading "Sex, Lies and Menopause" by Wiley and Taguchi. Dr Taguchi has the longest lived breast cancer survivors since she rebalances the hormones by using true bio-identical HRT. This is the HRT that Susanne Somers used after her breast cancer so the breast cancer would not return. You may read about the Wiley protocol but most doctors do not like the treatment because it goes opposite of current thinking in Western medicine. I have done women’s healthcare for 45 years and I have seen Wiley protocol work but it should only be started after you have finished your cancer treatment. You must also pay attention to your vitamin D level since 50% of all of our breast cancers are due to vitamin D deficiency yet few doctors know what to do with this information. You should consider having your genetic chart done with the methylation analysis and eliminate all neurologically toxic foods from your diet to minimize the stress on your body. I know it sounds like a lot of stuff to do and if you’re happy with the tamoxifen choice I don’t intend to sway you from your decision, I’m only here to say their are other ways to treat breast cancer.


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