I'm trying to find a dosing solution for my edlerly mother. Should I consider the HMBLDT pen?

"Edibles have proven unpredictable, my mother cannot smoke (neither does she have any desire too), and other vape pens have been hit or miss (mostly miss). On paper the HMBLDT pen seems great, but my Mother has limited lung capacity (she has had trouble drawing vapor from other pens) and $100 is an expensive proposition on a product that may, or may not, work. Can anyone give me any assurance that the HMBLT pen might be worthwhile for her to try? "

I would recommend the hmbldt pen for your mother. I have one on my desk. Compared to other vape pens, the hmbldt pen is extremely easy to drag on. Also, it has very precise dosage with the little vibrating feature, and so this is good for elderly people that want to be aware of how much they are consuming.

Although at $100 per pen, it seems like a lot, when you consider that each pen has 200 doses, that works out to 50c per dose, which is really very affordable.


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