I'm trying to find the ratio of CBD to THC in Sweet ReLeaf body butter.

I defer to any comments and/or corrections from Sweet ReLeaf since they know the subject much better than I do, but I am not convinced that the ratio in topical applications means much. The subject of topical applications was discussed at a recent conference and I asked Hungarian researcher, Dr. Tamas Biro about skin penetrance and positive drug testing. His answer was that unless the skin’s barrier is disrupted by excessive dryness, cracks, and/or abrasions, appreciable amounts of THC should not pass through the skin, at least not enough to cause psychoactivity or a positive drug test. I am not sure if this addresses your concerns. If you need more information on the variety of cannabis they use in their butter, and it’s cannabinoid profile, you might want to contact the company.


Hi the CBD amount is very small in our product. For us, THC and THCa (in the right proportion) offer increased benefits than CBD alone. That being said, there is a bit of CBD simply to enhance the Entourage Effect (the synergy of cannabinoids enhances the effects)
The ratio is 3:96.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


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