I'm wondering if CBD could help with hemorrhoids?

"I have both internal and external hemorrhoids. Could a topical and or a suppository help manage the symptoms better or even get rid of them??"

I know people who have used Bud Barber CBD topical treatment lotion/cream for hemorrhoids and people have observed that it improves their situation. It has predominantly CBD and some THC. It also has a cooling property in it so it may be the relief you are looking for. I formulate for Bud Barber and several other brands. The product has been around since 2010 and we’ve sold thousands to people. Hope it helps, it certainly won’t harm.


THC, CBD, and THCa types of cannabis have anti-inflammatory effects. You can buy cannabis creams with menthol or try cannabis suppositories as an alternative to traditional over the counter hemorrhoid products. Hemorrhoid creams and suppositories that you buy over the counter have anti-inflammatory properties as well, but are derived usually from hydrocortisone which is a steroid. In addition, cannabis tends to create softer stools in patients, which can aid in recovery from hemorrhoids more quickly.


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