In Need Of Doctors Thoughts On Bipolar treatment with cannabis

"Hi I have bipolar and my doctor told me I could explore the use of medical cannabis by myself because he only believes in pills ive used cannabis in the past and I did like alot of aspects of it but was limited to mainly sativa strains im medicated right now my constant mind state is very low but no mania my doctor told me he has no idea why the meds don’t work I really think cannabis could help what are your thoughts on this? im a very intresting case ive seen tons and tons of doctors and noone can figure me out I have tried tons upon tons of medications"

Cannabis can be very helpful in treating bipolar disorder. I would reccomend strains or products with a high level of CBD, as it has anti-psychotic properties. Utilize india strains when you need to get some sleep, and sativa dominant hybrids when your energy levels are low and you need some help with your depression. Experiment with various varieties of cannabis and methods of consumption. Use what works and forget the rest.


Overall, I don’t think much research has been put into this subject, although it’s interesting to me.. I know of some medical studies about how CBD specifically affects Bi Polar disorder that you might be interested to check out here. www.cbdbipolar.com Hopefully this is helpful.


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