INR and CBD?

"I took my INR this morning and it was 1.8. The low end of my range is 2.5. I started taking Gold Caps Green 10mg CBD day before yesterday. The first day 10mg then yesterday and today 20mg. About 2 weeks ago my INR was 3.5, at the top of my range. It seems the CBD is working well for me, I haven’t had to use a vicodin for my usual arithitis pain. Nothing else has changed. Same alcohol consumption, similiar eating habits. Do you think my INR is affected by CBD? "

CBDs are known to thin the blood so your INR will potentially change with regular use of CBD. In your situation, it is wise to stay on a regular treatment schedule so your medications can be adjusted to obtain the perfect INR for you and your medical condition. Taking Vitamin D3 and fish oils also thin the blood and if these supplements are included in your treatment schedule, again, it is important to have a fairly steady daily intake so your medications can be adjusted for you. You do not want your blood too thin but you certainly do not want your blood sludgy and inflammation makes your blood sludgy but CBD does help to reduce the inflammation as well but this will take time.


I do not see what anticoagulant medication you are taking which leads you to follow your INR so closely, or for what condition you are being anticoagulated to begin with. There is a theoretical competition for CP-450 enzymes between CBD and anticoagulants which could slow the breakdown of anticoagulant and lead to longer clotting times, but this has rarely, if ever, been reported as clinically significant. If you are having a predictable rise in INR after taking CBD and go out of your target range you should definitely make dosage adjustments and speak with your physician about it. Other than this competition with anticoagulant medicines for metabolism l am not aware of any direct effect at all of CBD, or any cannabinoid, on the human blood coagulation system.


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