Is anyone taking cannabis for a glioblastoma (GBM) brain tumor? What ratios and dosages are being used?

Cannabis is helpful for many medical conditions, including brain tumors, such as Glioblastoma Multiforme. It is very helpful in treating the side effects from conventional therapy. Cannabis has also been shown to kill cancer cells, prevent metastasis and angiogenesis. I would utilize an organically grown, CO2 extracted oil with a balance of CBD and THC, depending on the effects to the patient. Inhaled cannabis may also be helpful. In the future we may see cannabis and cannabinoids injected directly into tumors. Consulting with a Neurosurgeon or Neurologist who is utilizing cannabis for their patients may be of benefit.


Just to follow up on Dr. Vanderveers great answer. There has need no definitive study to show that cannabis, in any form, has cured cancer in humans. There have been many reports from patients, animals and lab tests that seem to suggest that cannabis can help in certain types of cancers.
There have been many human trials of medications that do show that in certain cases they can cure cancer. What this means to me is that cannabis can usually not hurt you if you take it to help your cancer but that I would not give up on "traditional" types of treatments totally.

Perry Solomon, MD

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