Is Blue Dream a good choice for anxiety?

"It says it is, but why is this? Is there any particular reason this strain would be a good choice over others?"

Blue dream does appear to be a good choice for anxiety. Blue dream tends to be a euphoric and uplifting Sativa dominant hybrid that has very low potential for increasing anxiety. I think it’s a good idea to always keep super high CBD tincture drops on hand so if you do experienced any anxiety, one to 2 drops CBD under the tongue would likely nullify any anxiety.
If you experience disturbed sleep after using a Sativa because you took Indica, be aware that the Indica will bump up your THC level again, making it very difficult to sleep because your mind is going to be active. After a Sativa, do a high CBD cannabis tincture to combine with the THC already in your body from the Sativa and you will have made an Indica inside your body and you will go to sleep.


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Cannabis can be very helpful for both – I believe it’s just a matter of finding the right match for you. Two good articles to check out:

  1. https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/57e95f663dbfe80007a42592/the-10-best-marijuana-strains-for-insomnia

  2. What are the best specific edibles for anxiety and insomnia?


CBD dominant strains are great for anxiety. Please visit our "Anxiety" homepage which contains more information and articles specific to treating anxiety.


hemp CBD is very effective for management of anxiety and depression with immediate results. Dosage varies by individual.


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