Is cannabis gifting over the holidays appropriate?

“What etiquette should I be aware of when giving the gift of marijuana?”

Ms Farichilds

You are on firmer ground giving marijuana as a present today than a few years ago. Not only is weed legal in more places, but it is also increasingly accepted as an appropriate gift. In fact, a recent consumer poll conducted by the Glass House Group reveals that more people are planning to give cannabis this holiday season than ever before

Of the more than 630 people who took part in the survey, many said they prefer either flower, edibles, or pre-rolls when giving or receiving gifts. More than 52% said they planned to give cannabis or cannabis-related products as a gift. The most popular gifts will be flower (65.8%), edibles (61.3%), pre-rolls (54.7%), and CBD products (32.4%).

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“As we close out another groundbreaking year for cannabis, this new poll reveals gifting cannabis products is one of the hottest consumer trends this holiday season,” said Glass House Group co-founder, chairman and CEO Kyle Kazan. “We’re witnessing a paradigm shift and the poll shows that cannabis is becoming a mainstream choice for consumers. With health and wellness top of mind during the ongoing pandemic, it’s also not shocking that more consumers plan to replace alcohol consumption with cannabis this year.”

About 64.2% plan to replace alcohol with cannabis this season instead of alcohol, and just generally will use it more often than alcohol than they did in the past, because they feel it would be healthier for them.

Faith Coco

I think that the etiquette of cannabis gift-giving needs to revolve around the preferences and existing practices of your intended recipients. The first etiquette rule is when gifting cannabis, don’t expect the person to consume it right away and share it with you. They may open the present, say thank you, and then stow it away for another day. If you want to have some weed during your present opening, bring your own supply, and if you’re really in the holiday mood, you can share with other people.

If you’re giving to someone who is a newcomer to cannabis, you might want to start them with a low-dosage THC product, so they don’t get overwhelmingly high. And if they are health-oriented (they don’t smoke) then starting with an edible is a good idea.

Spicy Dark Chocolate by Garden Society

Take, for example, a really great edible such as the Spiced Dark Chocolate by Garden Society. If you love dark chocolate, this is a clear winner for cannabis-infused edibles. At 10mg a piece of chocolate, it has a hint of warmth from Ceylon cinnamon. Sweet meets spice—with just the right amount of heat.

As part of your holiday etiquette, suggest to the new user to try a half or third of a piece of chocolate first to test their tolerance, and then go from there.

Bobbi Krammer

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Yes, it’s really important to know the habits of the people you’ll be gifting. If they take a tincture or like topicals, then a fancy vaporizer wouldn’t hit the mark as a present. If the gift recipient is a woman, then Elevated Herbal Bath Bombs may be a good choice for someone who likes topicals.

All of the organic bath bombs are made by a woman-founded collective and include ingredients such as comfrey, calendula, St. John’s wort, arnica, turmeric and lavender, and cannabis. These bath bombs provide deep relaxation without any psychoactivity since the THC in them doesn’t enter the bloodstream through the skin.
The receiver will enjoy the soothing effects of cannabis without getting high. And you have a selection of great different scents to choose from, that include: Creator (jasmine, ylang ylang and amber), Dreamer (rose, sandalwood and vanilla), and Explorer (rosemary, peppermint, sage, clove, and cinnamon).

You can also give the gift of a cannabis book, like the cannabis classic, Bong Apetit by the editors of Munchies. If you’re interested in making sophisticated cannabis food at home, this is a great place to start.

Marcia E.

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