Is cannabis good for anxiety and depression ?


Yes, it can be. Check out our recent article, which gives holistic tips on easing depression & anxiety (see below)–cannabis being one potential option. Additionally, Dr. Perry Solomon, our chief medical officer writes about the relationship between cannabis & anxiety: See: https://www.hellomd.com/articles/the-connection-between-marijuana-and-anxiety. We also published a roundup of Q&As on depression:
https://www.hellomd.com/articles/3-popular-questions-about-marijuana-and-depression-answered. And here are a couple more articles you may want to read: https://www.hellomd.com/articles/depression-sufferers-find-relief-in-medical-marijuana & https://www.hellomd.com/articles/does-marijuana-ease-anxiety. Hope these help!


I think the link sent by @lyp is great overview of non-pharmacologic modalities that MD’s are starting to suggest. For many patients w/ anxiety &/or mood dysphoria, I always explore how the pt is sleeping. If there are suspicions for things like sleep apnea or parasomnia, I suggest pt consider discussing about sleep studies with their primary care physician; I also suggest med cann. products that have THC and CBN to help with pt’s sleep. I do warn that over-consumption of med. cann. has the potential to worsen mood issues or cause mood swings. If pt’s anxiety or mood mgmt is not improving with these holistic modalities and judicious use of med cann, pt may want to consider addition of talk therapy measures like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or related therapy measures. I hope you find this information useful!


Yes, it is, One of the best therapeutic application that I have found of the cannabis extracted Cannabidiol also known as CBD is for the mental ailments like Depression and Anxiety.

Cannabis not only has been a great help with my chronic back pain, it also have many time helped me with the sudden mood swings and jittery nerves.

Depression and anxiety are normal among us but it happens more than often it can become a liability or a holdback.

I have recently started using Heartland Holistics CBD edibles with the sale coupons I got and couldn’t be more happier than this.


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