Is cannabis juicing really popular? If so, why do people juice it and what are the positive benefits?

"It seems like you would need a lot of plants to juice with."

It’s an expensive way to provide yourself with medicine so it’s not so popular. You really need to grow it yourself since dispensaries don’t typically provide fresh bud, only cured bud. People juice it for the Raw or Cannabolic Acids or Carboxylated cannabinoids, all meaning, you drink them in their acid forms (THCa, CBDa, etc). There is a lot of discussion on the efficacy of the raw. For most people, it’s completely inert, non-psychoactive. Personally, it gives me a big burst of "Green" energy. When you juice it be sure to juice the material (bud, sugar leaf, and fan leaves) no stems or stalks as it will become bitter. Juice apple or other fruits and veggies along with it. It tastes great! It’s best to consume in the daytime otherwise you might be too energized from it at night. Soak the plant parts in a container of water before juicing to clean, etc, but mostly because it juices much easier with water draping it. And finally, use a filter because the plant has little barbs or scratchies that will really bug your throat on the way down and linger thereafter. It’s not recommended to put directly into smoothies and then blend. It’s best to run it through a juicer with a filter so as to avoid the itchiness in the throat. An odd side note, it may make your bowel movements smell skunky. Crazy, I know. But it may be cleansing the gut. This is why we need to study it using scientific method and case studies.


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