Is Cannabis supposed to help with symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and, if so, what kind?

Cannabis can definitely help with Chronic Fatigue symptoms! There’s actually a lot of options and choices depending on the symptoms that are most effecting you.

Inflammation is a huge component of CFS so we would recommend considering either CBD-rich medications and/or THCa to reduce the inflammation associated with this ailment, especially if you are trying to avoid psychoactivity. Regular (3x/day) micro dosing would be especially valuable to reduce inflammation as you’d want to keep metabolizing the medication over a longer span to see the best efficacy.

If pain is a large component for you, we’d also recommend an even balance of CBD and THC to provide some relief. If you find yourself dealing with psychological problems associated with CFS, which is common, we’d suggest again using a CBD-rich medication to help with both mental health needs as well as inflammation.

We hope this information is helpful and we are happy to follow up if you’d like further information.


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