Is CBD oil good for pain?

“After an accident years ago I’ve been coping with a lot of pain. I’m interested in alternative therapies, like a weed, but don’t like getting high. So I’ve heard about CBD oil and want to hear more. What can it do for me?”

Nagata M.

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I think it would be well worth trying. There is a growing body of anecdotal and scientific evidence that shows that CBD oil for pain can help especially when it’s chronic. And if you don’t want to experience the high you get with cannabis that has a strong THC content, then cannabidiol (CBD) is a great choice because it is largely non-psychoactive and lets you experience a wide range of CBD oil benefits, including pain management. It can provide some relief for old injuries, and address other types of pain, such as joint conditions like arthritis, central nervous system disorders such as fibromyalgia, digestive conditions including IBS, and chronic tension headaches or migraines. CBD oil can provide healthier alternatives to traditionally prescribed pain medications, which often include opiates, which can be addictive and deadly.

CBD can relieve pain and inflammation without negative side effects because it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which can affect or control many of the body’s important systems, such as inflammation, hunger, and, of course, pain. The ECS uses the body’s natural endocannabinoids. But plant cannabinoids, such as those found in marijuana, can activate it as well. CBD interacts with ECS receptors to produce both pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing effects.

Katie G.

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Depending on the type of pain relief you are looking for, you can choose to take CBD oil in edible forms—such as tinctures, capsules, or infused treats—or as a topical treatment. The edibles might be preferred if you are looking for widespread, systematic relief. The topical application applied directly to the sore areas, is good for very targeted relief. It’s also a good option if you are worried about drugs entering your bloodstream and potentially interacting with other medications you are taking. One good option here is Basic Jane Relieve Pain Spray, which uses CBD and other ingredients to relieve problem areas on the body with a spritz or two.

Wildflower CBD+ Healing Stick also uses hemp-derived CBD and is very easy discrete to apply. So it is a good alternative to oils and creams that can get on your fingers. It also has a proprietary blend of essential oils, such as arnica and wintergreen, which work with CBD to create long-lasting relief. Among the other CBD oil products designed to relieve pain are Elixinol Hemp Oil capsules. The taste- and odor-free capsules make dosing easy. They are also produced in a chemical-free process and designed to absorb quickly and efficiently into the body for long-lasting relief.

Tanya D.

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As a side note, hemp-derived CBD oil is also showing promise in treating chronic pain in pets. Pet owners who might be wary of giving their dogs or cats a cannabis product that might make them high and stressed are happy to hear that CBD oil’s benefits for animals could be the same as for humans, relieving pain and inflammation. It’s worth checking out the Treatibles full line of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil products for pets. The Ease line is designed to help with stiff joints and muscles, especially in senior animals, as well as other injuries, scratches, bites, and even dry skin.

Pamela G.

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