Is CBD safe for cats? Does it relieve pain for them?

"I think my cat has kidney failure. Before she came to me she was fed dry cat food. She now urinates copiously and spends time drinking lots of water. These past six weeks she’s been yowling occasionally; I suspect this means she’s in pain. I live with a disability, such that my financial life is still on the poverty line, so paying for a veterinarian is out of the question. And anyway, my cat was semi-wild most of her life; she’d be terrified to be facing one or more strange humans, terrified to have human hands touching her, and terrified to wait in a room with dogs and other cats. And I wouldn’t want to give her a synthetic drug, as they have "side effects.""

Hi there!
It does sound like your cat might have a UTI. CBD might help some with the pain; however, any money spent on CBD would be much better spent on a trip to the veterinarian. Correctly diagnosing the issue should be the primary concern, not symptom-management. If it were a UTI, the bacteria might reach the kidneys which would lead to very serious consequences, perhaps even death. CBD would do little, if anything, to eradicate any infection; treating only the symptoms without understanding the cause shouldn’t be an option. Here is a link to the Humane Society with information on how to obtain free or other payment options:
I hope your feline friend feels better very soon!


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