Is CBD safe for kids (age 10) with anxiety?

This is a tricky question. I understand and empathize with your concern for medications like benzodiazepines, which can be addictive and habit forming. However, the information concerning cannabis and the developing brain is murky; people who feel that cannabis is safer than established anti-anxiety treatments for these children are neglecting to look at studies showing decreased school performance, amotivational syndrome, lower IQ/ cognitive scores seen w/ chronic cannabis use, risk of mood disorders & psychosis in the future. I also like to remind pts and families that CBD, though LESS psychoactive than THC (or more accurately, less intoxicating) is still very much psychoactive (any terpene/ cannabinoid/ substance that is used to treat sleep and anxiety like CBD is , by definition , psychoactive just like sugar and caffeine are psychoactive). I would discuss these issues with your pediatrician; perhaps non-pharmaco-therapy is possible with specific cognitive behavioral therapy & relaxation/ anxiety reduction exercises? Thanks for letting me present another viewpoint & I wish you all well.


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