Is CBN the best for Insomnia?

Yes, CBN has been found to help provide deep relaxation which often results in a good night sleep. Because we’ve seen such success with our clients using CBN for sleep aid, we are launching our own signature line of tinctures which includes a CBN Sleep remedy.


CBN can absolutely help with sleep, especially those with debilitating insomnia, however some patients find that, depending on dosage and delivery methods, it can actually create fuzziness or grogginess the following day (they describe it similar to the ‘ambien hangover’. This issue seems to increase with ongoing use. We have found that using strain-specific and micron specific full spectrum extractions provide the same benefit without the after-effects.


Octavia Wellness will begin offering a THC:CBN (1:1) product February 15. It is the perfect ratio for inducing sleep, and keeping you asleep.


I live in Nevada. What mixture can I buy here for dehibilitating insomnia? I currently am only taking 25 mg CBD.


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