Is hemp cbd oil as effective for Crohns disease as real cannabis cbd oil?

Cannabis helps to relieve anxiety and promotes sleep. Because of your use of valium your brain is adjusted to it and it will take time for it to reset without the valium. This uncomfortable feeling will be unavoidable while you body detoxes and resets. During this time marijuana provides some relief and comfort. Cannabis will not totally relieve your discomfort but it helps. I used marijuana to get off Heroin and Methadone. The entire process took a good 6 months of no opiates until I started to feel normal. Edibles from 100 mg to 300 mg are what I recommend though I am not a doctor. Use an Indica or Hybrid strain over a Sativa as it promotes sleep better. There is no overdose on marijuana. If 300 mg is to much for you you will only sleep. Its what I did at age 56. At age 63 I am better than ever now thanks to marijuana.


I would say no – the general consensus from both the cannabis community and medical researchers indicates that hemp-based CBD is much less effective as a medication than cannabis-based CBD. This is likely due to something know as the entourage effect, in which the presence of cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis are believed to positively impact the therapeutic efficacy of CBD even if they aren’t present in large amounts. While those in the cannabis industry have seen this to be true anecdotally, medical researchers (especially from nations other than ours) are also seeing the implications of the entourage effects in formal studies.


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