Is it better to ingest CBD tincture or CBD oil?

Better in what way? CBD tinctures especially those with an alcohol base gets into your system much quicker since the alcohol permeates the membranes in the mouth and then out to the bloodstream. Tinctures are a safe and effective way to dose since you can control the dose by how many drops you use and knowing how many mg/ml of CBD you get in every drop.
CBD oil is very concentrated, more concentrated than a tincture, a little goes a long way. People with very serious conditions tend to use the oil. Since the oil has to be digested, and the liver break it down it can take longer to activate in your system.


As @eeknight said, there are many ways to evaluate "better."

You may want to try Elixinol’s Liposomes which are specially formulated for increased bioavailability. Plus, they just won Edible Magazine’s "Best Tasting Tinctures" award. https://elixinol.com/product/category/liposomes/

If you’re looking for a quick, intense dosage, you may wish to look at the X-Pen, which delivers 15mg of CBD hemp extract with each precisely measured serving size: https://elixinol.com/product/x-pen/

Don’t forget that Dr. Philip Blair, MD is available to consult with Elixinol customers on questions regarding serving sizes or condition management.


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