Is it ok to combine Treatibles with another cannabis product, like an oil?

"I give my dog one Treatible each morning, and just a few drops of Internal oil. Is that OK do you think?"

We have not heard of any adverse side effects from customers who combined Treatibles with other vet prescribed medical plans.

If you’re giving your pet an oil, I’d be very careful to make sure the THC levels in the oil are extremely low, if not non-existent. From what we’ve seen in own pets and heard from customers, dogs can be 4-6x more sensitive to THC than humans. We’ve even read studies about THC toxicity in dogs, which is one of the many reasons our chews contain hemp-derived CBD and not cannabis-derived CBD.


I would agree with the caution. Dogs, in particular, may be very sensitive to THC and I recommend people use a 2:1 or higher CBD:THC ratio oil or product for canines.

Cats are a bit of a wild card and are known to eat raw cannabis. They do not seem to be as sensitive to THC but I would still recommend caution and start with higher CBD products to assess tolerance.


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